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Why children make great fosters

Did you know that children can make great fosters?

Many parents are hesitant to bring a pet into their home because of the commitment of having a pet for a lifetime.  We all get busy with life… work, school, parenting, activities.  And you know the story… the child brings home a pet, loses interest after awhile, and the parents are left to care for it for the rest of its life.  Many parents are choosing to just not go down that road.

And for this reason, many children in our era are brought up in pet-less homes, without the opportunity to learn about animals, interact with them, and most importantly be taught responsibility, respect and safety with animals.  Children who have not been exposed to animals may develop unfounded fears of them, or put themselves in harm’s way simply because they don’t know how to interact with pets.

Fostering as a great way to introduce your children to animals and let them have the interaction and love of a pet, without necessarily making a lifetime commitment.  Not only does it benefit your child to play with an animal and have a pet to take care of (ie learn responsibility)… but it obviously benefits the pet by saving a life that may have otherwise not had a chance.  One might think it would be hard for children to let go of a pet, but the reality is, the variety of new pets coming into the home can thrilling for children.  Plus, letting them know how important fostering is, and the whole reason behind it, is a great life lesson of giving and charity.

There are lots of benefits to children having pets.  There are even studies that children with pets are healthier.  It is well documented and with the correct circumstances and supervision, a pet is a great addition to the learning experience and joy that is childhood.

If you or people you know live a pet-less life, or have room to take in an additional pet in need, please let them know about fostering.  It truly is a win-win for everyone!

I’d also like to take this spot to let everyone know about a great dog safety course that A Rotta Love Plus offers for area schools.  I had them come to my daughter’s preschool, and it was amazing!  Children need to be taught how to act respectfully and safely with animals.  Please check it out… I highly encourage you to suggest it to your daycare/school providers!


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