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Will I have a say into who adopts my foster pet?

Will I have a say into who adopts my foster pet?

Most all of the rescue groups in the Twin Cities not only allow fosters to have to have a say in where their foster animal gets placed,  they encourage the input.  In fact, for many it is the responsibility of the foster to meet the potential adopter and evaluate them.

Normally when an adoption application comes in, the rescue will forward it to the foster to review.  If the foster feels the home may be a fit, the foster will schedule a “meet and greet” with the potential adopter so that they can meet the animal and ask any questions.  From there, the next step is usually a home visit before the adopter receives final approval to adopt.

According to Kim Croom, volunteer of the Pet Foster Network, “some fosters might even have the final say in where the foster goes.  The foster home knows the animal better than anyone, so rescue groups will often lean on the foster family for information. We feel real good about trusting our gut. We don’t do fostering because we are out to please people, we wanna do the right thing by animals.”


Thanks to Pet Foster Network.

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