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Who should foster a pet?

Who should foster a pet?

  • Someone who cannot, at the moment, adopt a pet for its entire lifetime.
  • Someone who is not sure how its pet would get along with a new cat or dog.
  • Someone who never had the chance to have a pet but would really like to have one now.
  • Someone who loves pets and has some room to welcome them while they wait for an adoptive home.

Fostering is a great way for kids to build responsibility (without the parents committing to a lifetime pet).  And it saves a life at the same time!

College students make wonderful fosters.  Because their life is in so much transition but often they are missing their pets from home, fostering can be a great way for them to enjoy the company of a pet while keeping the flexibility of what their future holds.

Seniors also make great fosters.  It gives them company without the stresses or expenses of vetrinary care, etc.

Please encourage everyone you know to consider fostering!

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