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Where are the pets that need foster homes?

Where are the pets that need foster homes?
The pets that need foster homes are in local animal shelters, or with their rescuers (the good Samaritan that saved them), or in a volunteer’s home that works with a rescue group. The majority of rescue groups do not have buildings or facilities where homeless animals live.

Without foster homes, these animals have nowhere to stay and will continue to wander the streets, or if they are in an animal shelter, they will have mandated time limits placed on their occupancy.  If not adopted or pulled by a rescue group, they will be euthanized.  Not because there is anything wrong with them, but simply because they have nowhere to go.

Some foster homes have pets that are pregnant. Once the babies are weaned, foster homes are needed for these animals, too, so that they will have a safe and loving place to stay until they are adopted.

Many rescue groups pull animals from animal shelters in order to save them from being euthanized.  But in order to do that, volunteers (like you!) are needed to open their home to these pets until they are adopted.

To view SOME of the pets that are currently looking for foster homes from just one local shelter, click here.

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