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What if I am going out of town, or on vacation?

If I foster a pet, will I be able to take a vacation?

Some potential fosters are afraid that the time commitment to a new animal will complicate already jammed family agendas, including the ability to schedule vacation time or being out of town.

The truth is most organizations have a built-in plan for foster families who need to be out of town, for any reason.

Rescue groups will often help each other by providing “temp foster” homes for other fosters who need to go out of town or are going on vacation.  Your rescue will help you coordinate a “petsitter” (of course as much notice as possible is appreciated!)  For this reason, “temp foster” homes are also extremely valuable to the rescues.  If you are not able to commit to long-term fostering, being available to temp foster is a great help to the other fosters within your rescue.

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