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Can I adopt the animal I foster? What is Foster to Adopt?


All of the animals deserve loving homes, and sometimes the fosters decide their foster pet is just a perfect fit for their home.

The foster application process is actually very similar to the adoption process, so finalizing an adoption of your foster pet is usually just a matter of paperwork and paying the adoption fee.  If you decide to adopt your foster pet, simply contact your rescue and let them know.  They will walk you through the steps.

Of course, being that we are advocating for foster homes, we would prefer that you keep that spot open so that you can help more and more animals, but it happens where you lose your heart to a foster and just know they don’t belong anywhere else but with you.

Intentional Foster to Adopt right from the start is also a great way for people considering adopting to get to know the animal they are interested in and make sure they are a fit before committing to a lifetime.  We encourage people to Foster to Adopt as a vehicle to finding the right animal for their home if they are interested in adoption as the final goal.

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