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College Students as Fosters

College students can make GREAT fosters!

For some students, the thought of heading off to college can be a bit nerve wracking. Not only are you leaving behind the comfort of your home and family life, but you will be faced with new challenges, such as learning to live with a complete stranger. The stress of college classes, making new friends and being away from home can be overwhelming for many.

Many students are far away from home and missing their family pet that they couldn’t take with them.  They may be lonely and homesick, and a pet could be just what they need to give them the love and company they desire.

At college age, many student’s lives are too undecided to make a long-term commitment to a new pet.  For this reason, fostering is an ideal situation for those seeking the companionship and love of an animal without making a lifetime commitment.  They are also generally very active and enjoy taking dogs for walks and socializing with others who have pets.

Many colleges support, and even encourage pet fostering!

If you know a college student who may enjoy the company of a pet, please talk to them about fostering!  Many of our rescues market to and utilize many college students as part of their programs.

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